2017 Annual General Meeting – 14th November 2017



OPENING – The meeting was declared open at 11.03am by Chairman Paul Pulver


Paul Pulver Ron Finemore Transport
Graham Bowyer Tasco
Ken Brennan TISC
Matt Harrison Kel Campbell
Jessica Pulver Secretary
Shane Tucker Ron Finemore Transport
Anthony Pospisil ISS Solutions
Brian Withers Ron Finemore Transport
Garth Edwards TISC


  1. Apologies
Luke Burch South West Fuel Centre
Nikhil Dhawan Woolworths
Mel Hancock Inland Petrol
Carl Vermass Monaro Fuels
Luke Roberts Emerald Carrying Company
Rod McNabb F & RN McNabb Pty Ltd
Ian Davies FBT Transwest
Mark Chamberlain Chemtrans
Phil Hardaker Arthur J Gallagher
Michael Hannah VSuthern
Angela Collins Hastings
Shaun Cavanough Hills Tankers
Sunnee Ord CS Meumann Pty Ltd
Gary McKay Caltex Australia Petroleum
Geoff Edwards John L Pierce
Robert Wass NTI
David Morden Petro Gas
Jeff Cartwright Yass Valley Council


Moved. G Bowyer            Seconded. A Pospisil

Apologies received and accepted                                                                                              NOTED


  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Year 2016 Annual General Meeting of CROIERG held at the Yass Soldiers Club 86 Meehan St Yass NSW on 15th November 2016


Moved. M Harrison         Seconded. K Brennan

Minutes confirmed                                                                                                                         NOTED


  1. Matters Arising from the minutes of the Year 2015 AGM


Moved. M Harrison         Seconded. K Brennan

No matters arising from the minutes of the Year 2016 AGM                                          NOTED




Chairman’s Report

Welcome to the CROIERG twenty eighth Annual General Meeting.

CROIERG had a trailer audit in August and September.  All trailers were completely check over to ensure the trailers were roadworthy and all supplies were in good condition.  This will be discussed further in the Trailer Report.

In May, we headed to Glen Innes to assist the Rural Fire Service in one of their training exercises.  It was a great exercise and very beneficial CROEIRG being there.  We were able to network with a lot of people and everyone was very interested in what CROEIRG had to offer.

Viva Energy came back on board with CROIERG this year.  We also had a few members leave us due to numerous reasons.  There has been quite a lot of expressions of interest from different companies, this includes companies from Western Australia.  This will be discussed further in the Membership Report.

Several training courses were held this year.  We made some changes to the Managers Course.  This will be discussed in the Training Report.  All courses held this year were very successful.

There seems to have been a few misunderstandings this year about what CROIERG’s role is and who is able to use the trailers.  The committee has had several discussions about this throughout the year.  We will discuss further throughout the meeting.

Thank you

Paul Pulver


Moved. B Withers            Seconded. G Edwards

Chairman’s Report                                                                                                                           NOTED


Financial Report

The Croierg Audited Financial Reports (by accounts Gregory & McCarthy) to 30th June 2017 are tables today for the information of members.

NAB A/C 859594147 (working account) $9108.00
NAN A/C 550398148 (cash management account) $63495.00
Total as of 30/6/17 $72603.00

The net profit for Croierg for the year ending was $20331.00.

Membership subscription totalled $89773.00.  This is down from $99000 from 2016.  A membership subscription spread sheet is tabled today for the period as information.

The Croierg Trailer and Stock Valuation Schedule is also table today showing a valuation of $802577.22.

Registration fees for our NSW registered spill response trailers of $5290.00 was paid in September.  Registration for the Shepparton trailer of $58.10 was paid in October.  Queensland registrations of $102.60 were paid in June.  Trailers registered in ACT will be due for renewal in December.

Please see the Profit and Loss Summary attached.  A brief overview of the summary:  Administration costs are down from $21851 in 2016 to $5327 in 2017.  Insurance has increase from $16718 to $23199.  We are now required to have workers compensation which was $1352.82.  There has been an increase of all our insurances.  Website costs have decreased from $15639 to $3118.  This is due to us doing all changes and updates on the website ourselves rather than Bullseye Graphics doing all updates.

All transactions were promptly processed and records maintained and approved by our auditors.


Moved. B Withers            Seconded. M Harrison

P Pulver raised concerns about the trailer valuations.  Depreciation in the accountants report is non existent.  Trailers are not depreciating in value.  We need ensure that trailers are still insured enough to cover if the whole trailer needs replacing.

P Pulver also stated that the ACT registered trailers are still in Brian O’Connor’s name.  We need to get a letter from B O’Connor to be able to change the trailers over to CROIERG.  Also, any new trailers purchased need to be registered in Victoria as the registration is a lot cheaper and we do not require roadworthy inspections.



  1. Authorise a certificate as to the financial affairs of the group as required by section 26(6) of the NSW Incorporations ACT 2009


Moved. P Pulver               Seconded. G Bowyer

The NSW Department of Fair Trading Annual Summary of Financial Affairs.  Associations Incorporation Act 2009 Section 45 & 49 as required the appropriate legislation be authorised




  1. Election of Office Bearers


Moved. G Bowyer            Seconded. B Withers

The following people have been duly nominated and elected as Office Bearers of the Canberra & Regions Oil Industry Emergency Response Group, Inc (CROIERG) for the next 12 months and the committee be given the power to add committee members as required


Name Company Position
Paul Pulver Ron Finemore Transport Chairman
K Brennan TISC Deputy Chairman
Graham Bowyer Tasco Treasure
Jessica Pulver CROIERG Secretary and Public Officer
Anthony Pospisil ISS Solutions Committee Member
Garth Edwards TISC Committee Member
Brian Withers Ron Finemore Transport Committee Member
Shane Tucker Ron Finemore Transport Committee Member
Matt Harrison Kel Campbell Committee Member
Phil Hardaker Arthur J Gallagher Committee Member


Membership Report

As mentioned in the Chairman’s report, Viva Energy have re-joined as CROIERG members.  The membership now totals 31 members covering a wide spectrum of companies.  Takeovers are continuing and these potentially can have an effort on the membership of CROIERG.  We have had long standing members cancel this year because of contract changes and change of emergency response procedures.

Please see attached the Membership List, Membership History and Membership Subscription.

The committee met once in the past twelve months in May.  We have had regular committee meetings via phone hook-up.  The committee was also kept well informed of CROIERG activities by regular committee group emails.

Prior to 2017 membership renewals, all members were asked to update their delays.  This included the company contact person and the number of vehicles.  Due to the expansion of some companies, they now fall into a higher pricing membership bracket.

The committee has discussed changing the Membership costs to make membership more affordable for smaller companies.  This is still in discussion and nothing has been decided as yet.


Moved. M Harrison          Seconded. G Bowyer

The Membership Report as presented and accepted



  1. CROIERG Membership Subscription Fee


Change membership renewal fee to $100 per truck with a maximum cost of $4600.  This makes membership more affordable for smaller companies and hopefully attracts more people.  There will be no joining fee unless it is a forced join.

Moved. M Harrison          Seconded. G Bowyer



  1. Trailer & Equipment Report

This year we had a successful year with the training trailers being used for local training at TISC and also the cutaway being used in Sydney and the roll over trailer being towed to Glen Innes and used by the Rural Fire Service.

Trailers in other areas were used for training and demonstrations which is a real plus as the trailers are there to be used by members, not just there in case we have a major incident.

Once again, we have the issue of non members using CROIERG equipment.  This is directly affecting the viability of CROIERG and must stop.

We have a situation where a number of our trailers are hosted at non member locations due to the consolidation of a number of Distributors and the reluctant of some major carriers to not need the services provided by CROIERG and not paying their membership fees.

The trailer audit that was carried out was a susses and I thank all the hosts for their assistance.  It was pleasing to see that some of the trailers are being used and not just there for show.  I was also impressed with the pride some hosts take in the trailers.  I have attached a summary of the audit that we need to discuss.  Overall the trailers are roadworthy and in good condition while being well looked after.


Moved. A Pospisil             Seconded G Bowyer

P Pulver noted the following from the trailer audit.

–          Eden trailer is not accessible.  It is the oldest trailer, it is in bad condition and needs to go.

–          A trailer should be put at Bega instead.

–          Port Kembla needs a container to store the trailer in.  M Harrison said this should be fine.

–          New trailers need to come with brakes fitted.

–          Old trailers need to be fitted with manual brakes.

–          There is spare stock in Dubbo and Shepparton.  We should put an old trailer in these locations just for spare stock.  This needs to be discussed further in the future.

–          There are two trailers in Rockhampton.  One of these needs to be removed.

–          Forbes trailer should go to TISC as it has steel frames.  This can be used for training and Forbes can get a new trailer.

P Pulver is to send an email out to the committee with a plan of what should happen with the trailers.  We also need an updated list of what should be in the trailers as they all have different stock.



Website Report

The CROIERG website www.croierg.com.au is our main communications platform for the group.  It has been upgraded on a regular basis.

In the past twelve months we have made several changes.  We have had a new website made and CROIERG is now running the website ourselves.  Previously, Bullseye Graphics were making all additions and changes to the website.  The old website was quite dated and was due for an update.  All the information from the old website has been archived and is still able to be viewed through the new website.  Due to the new website, the cost has decrease by approximately $12,000.

The website is still structured in the same way.  There is still the members area which holds trailer information, members information and contact, meeting minutes, etc.  All members have been given a new log in to the members area.  This is now their email address and the password can be chosen themselves.  This was due to security.

CROEIRG now has a Facebook and LinkedIn page.  Social media is a great way to get our name out there and keep members informed.

There have been two newsletters sent out to members this year so far.  We have been having more views of the newsletters now than in the past.  We have been trying to limit the information in the newsletters to try and keep to a page or two.


Moved. A Pospisil             Seconded.  K Brennan



Training Program Report

TISC conducts Emergency Response Training on behalf of CROIERG.

TISC had the Responders Course re-accredited for a further 5 years beginning 31 October 2015 and it will expire 30 October 2020 and the Nationally Accredited Course is now titled:

10188NAT   Course in Dangerous Goods Road Transport Emergency Recovery Operations   

3 Responders courses in 2017 and 1 Managers Course with 5 participants

10 Students on 3 – 5 April Course:  (3-ISS, 2 Coogee Chemicals, 1 each from ACTFRS, Woolworths,                                         Dow Chemicals, Swan Towing and Wrong Fuel Rescue) 1 Cancellation – Nathan Noble

9 Students on 10 – 12 July Course: (7 Tox Free, 1 ACTFRS & 1 Inland Petroleum) – 2 Cancellations – Tox Free

5 Students on the Managers Course 13 – 14 July: (4 Tox Free, 1 Inland Petroleum)

8 Students on 23 Oct – 25 October Course: (5-ISS, 1 EPA, 1 ACTFRS & 1 Toll Global Logistics) – 3 Cancellations – 2 Tox Free & 1 Toll Global Logistics

27 – Total number of course participants

8 – Total Number of students from ISS

3 – Total Number of students from ACTFRS

7 – Total Number of students Tox Free

2 – Total Number of students Coogee Chemicals

7 – 1 each from Dow Chemicals, Swan Towing, Woolworths, Wrong Fuel Rescue, Inland                     Petroleum, EPA and Toll Global Logistics.

170 Holders of BTEIR Cards and original cardholders expire in 2017. (60.5%)

Total Number of Manager Course participants = 193 – N/A = 101 (52.4%)

Total Number of Emergency Responders Course participants = 281 – N/A = 108 (38.5%)

Total Number of Course participants = 474

Responder Course Costs = $2,318 – does not include FPAA and CROIERG Fee

Managers Course = $4,188


Moved. B Withers            Seconded. A Pospisil

B Withers asked what was happening with the expired Emergency Responders Cards.  K Brennan stated Fire and Rescue are no longer requesting to see the cards are incidents.

It was decided TISC would put together a refresher course to be done online or can be printed out and sent back so the cards can be renewed.



  1. General Business

B Withers requested that RFT take the cut away trailer to use for training.  The trailer will be taken today and returned in January.  Whilst the trailer is in Wodonga, the wheel bearing needs to be done.

A Pospisil stated the Emergency Responders course need to be reformatted and renewed.  ISS staff are coming with no prior experience and they can’t learn it all in 3 days.  It was suggested that they watch the training video prior to coming to training.  It was also recommended by the committee that ISS staff may need to look at doing the Managers Course as well as it may suit their needs more.


Moved. P Pulver               Seconded. G Bowyer



  1. Close

The meeting closed at 1.31pm