AGM 2018 Meeting Minutes



OPENING – The meeting was declared open at 11.00am by Chairman Paul Pulver


Paul Pulver Ron Finemore Transport
Jessica Pulver Secretary
Ken Brennan TISC
Melanie Reed Kel Campbell
Tim Campbell Kel Campbell
Phil Hardaker Arthur J Gallagher
Steve Thomas Park Fuels
Brian Withers Ron Finemore Transport
Garth Edwards TISC
Richard Albert Park Fuels
Peter Ryan Inland Petroleum
Paul Young VSuthern
Peter Blair Hills Tankers
Andrew McCowan NTI
Anthony Pospisil (via phone hook up) ISS Solutions


  1. Apologies
Graham Bowyer Tasco Petroleum
Nigel Wilson Tasco Petroleum
Dave Jackman Caltex
Felix Ohle Viva Energy
Mel Hancock Inland Petrol
Rod McNabb F & RN McNabb Pty Ltd
Geoff Edwards John L Pierce
Joe Boras McColls
Stewart Moore Park Fuels
Shane Tucker Ron Finemore Transport

Moved. P Ryan                  Seconded. K Brennan

Apologies received and accepted                                                                                              NOTED


  1. Confirmation of the minutes of the Year 2017 Annual General Meeting of CROIERG held at the Sutton Road Training Centre on 14th November 2017

Moved. B Withers            Seconded. K Brennan

Minutes confirmed                                                                                                                         NOTED


  1. Matters Arising from the minutes of the Year 2017 AGM

Moved. B Withers            Seconded. K Brennan

No matters arising from the minutes of the Year 2017 AGM                                          NOTED


Chairman’s Report

Welcome to the CROIERG twenty ninth Annual General Meeting.

The main focus of CROIERG this year was on compliance and uniformity with our trailers the pump trailers were all fitted with trailer brakes.  This was a lengthy exercise and involve trailers being relocated to have the brakes fitted.  This will be discussed further in the Trailer Report.

Divall’s Earthmoving and Bulk Haulage from Goulburn became members with CROIERG this year.  DRB Haulage did not renew their 2018 membership.  We trialled the new costing structure this year.  This will be discussed further in the Membership Report.

Several training courses were held this year.  This will be discussed in the Training Report.  All courses held this year were very successful.


Paul Pulver

Moved. P Pulver               Seconded. B Withers



Financial Report

The Croierg Audited Financial Reports (by accounts Gregory & McCarthy) to 30th June 2018 are tables today for the information of members.

NAB A/C 859594147 (working account) $9903.00
NAN A/C 550398148 (cash management account) $22676.00
Total as of 30/6/17 $32579.00

CROIERG ran at a loss of $29709 last financial year. This is due to the trailer updates.

Membership subscription totalled $72500.00.  This is down from $89773 from 2017.  A membership subscription spread sheet is tabled today for the period as information.  This is down as we changed the membership pricing structure last year.

The Croierg Trailer and Stock Valuation Schedule is also table today showing a valuation of $761,806.74.

Registration fees for our NSW registered spill response trailers of $5386.00 was paid in September.  Registration for the Shepparton trailer of $59.00 was paid in October.  Queensland registrations of $106.20 were paid in June.  Trailers registered in ACT will be due for renewal in December.

Please see the Profit and Loss Summary attached.  A brief overview of the summary:  Maintenance has increase from $8754.00 in 2017 to $28921.00.  This is due to the trailer updates which will be discussed in more detail in the Trailer Report.  Wages have also increased from $19920.00 in 2017 to $39456.00.  Paul Pulver was paid to complete the trailer audit and carry out the updates.  Website costs have decreased from $3118.00 to $550.00.  This is down from $15639.00 in 2016. This is due to us doing all changes and updates on the website ourselves rather than Bullseye Graphics doing all updates.

All transactions were promptly processed and records maintained and approved by our auditors.

Moved. K Brennan           Seconded. B Withers

It was asked about the difference in the valve of the trailers.  We are now depreciating the trailers and the stock.                                                                                                                                                 NOTED


  1. Authorise a certificate as to the financial affairs of the group as required by section 26(6) of the NSW Incorporations ACT 2009

Moved. P Pulver               Seconded. J Pulver

The NSW Department of Fair Trading Annual Summary of Financial Affairs.  Associations Incorporation Act 2009 Section 45 & 49 as required the appropriate legislation be authorised




  1. Election of Office Bearers

Moved. B Withers            Seconded. P Ryan

The following people have been duly nominated and elected as Office Bearers of the Canberra & Regions Oil Industry Emergency Response Group, Inc (CROIERG) for the next 12 months and the committee be given the power to add committee members as required


Name Company Position
Paul Pulver Ron Finemore Transport Chairman
Melanie Reed Kel Campbell Deputy Chairman
Graham Bowyer Tasco Treasure
Jessica Pulver CROIERG Secretary and Public Officer
Anthony Pospisil ISS Solutions Committee Member
Garth Edwards TISC Committee Member
Brian Withers Ron Finemore Transport Committee Member
Shane Tucker Ron Finemore Transport Committee Member
Peter Ryan Inland Petroleum Committee Member
Phil Hardaker Arthur J Gallagher Committee Member
Paul Young VSuthern Committee Member
Steve Thomas Park Petroleum Committee Member
Andrew McCowan NTI Committee Member


Membership Report

As mentioned in the Chairman’s report, Divall’s Earthmoving and Bulk Haulage have joined as CROIERG members.  The membership now totals 30 members covering a wide spectrum of companies.  There was only one membership cancellation in 2018 – DRB Haulage.   Takeovers are continuing and these potentially can have an effect on the membership of CROIERG.

Please see attached the Membership List, Membership History and Membership Subscription.

We have had regular committee meetings via phone hook-up.  The committee was also kept well informed of CROIERG activities by regular committee group emails.

It was decided that we would trial a new pricing structure for membership.  The cost would be $100.00 plus GST per vehicle with the maximum cost being $4620.00.  Associations would be kept at $1815.00 and Oil Companies at $9075.00.  In 2016, we saw quite a few members cancel their memberships.  We wanted to avoid more cancellations and make membership more affordable for companies with only a few vehicles.  This resulted in receiving less in membership for 2018.


Moved. B Withers            Seconded. G Edwards

A discussion was had about ISS using the Dubbo trailer for a non CROIERG member.  Trailers are not to be used by non-members and the amount we charge for the trailer use needs to be a deterrent.   We need to make it fair for members who have been paying their membership for years and never used the trailers.

There was concern that the invoice we charge to ISS will just be sent straight to their insurance company therefore insurance premiums increase and the company who used the trailer are not actually paying for it.  Paul Pulver is to put together a few options of what we can charge non-members and send to the committee for discussion.

It was asked why we need to let any non-members use the trailers as all the trailers are locked in yards and containers.  It was explained that is Hazmat request the trailer that we are not allow to refuse the equipment to them.

It was decided that CROIERG needs to look at their marketing campaign to try and get more people on board.  Jessica Pulver is to speak to ATN about running an article about CROIERG.  JP will also look at other ways to advise.



  1. CROIERG Membership Subscription Fee

Moved. B Withers            Seconded. G Edwards

There was concern that $100 + GST per vehicle was not enough for membership and the price needs to be increased.  The pricing structure was changed due to a lot of members cancelling in 2016.  Some companies have the idea that they are not required to be a member of CROIERG as they are members of ISS.  It was again confirmed by Anthony Pospisil that ISS are not telling their members this.  AP was asked if a letter was sent out to all their members about CROIERG as discussed in a previous meeting.  He believed it had been but would need to follow up.  It was decided the pricing would stay the same this year and would be looked at again next year.



  1. Trailer & Equipment Report

All 11 trailers that required brakes to be fitted have been completed and delivered to the required locations including Mildura and Bordertown as discussed at the last meeting.

Two new pumps have been fitted to existing trailers bringing our pump equipped trailers to a total of 12.

The first 7 X 5 trailer (24) with pump has been completed with a weight of 750 KG meaning brakes will not be required.

The first three 8 X 5 trailers that were purchased by CROIERG were fitted with round axles that have to be replaced with square axles as two have failed. Two have been replaced and the third still needs to be completed.

We have an 8 X 5 trailer in Brisbane (26) and one in Rockhampton (28) that should be converted to pump trailers and fitted with brakes.

We have a trailer at Shepparton (15) that has brakes and needs a pump fitted and standard equipment fitted as this is not a trailer CROIERG purchased new.

We need to agree on the future of two old trailers (9) (10).

We need to discuss the cost of keeping this equipment in working condition annually – Rego / Hose Testing / Insurance.

We have received a letter from Lowes Petroleum asking what we want to do with the trailers at Cooma / Orange / Forbes / Griffith. We need to reply to this.   Orange can go to RFT.   Forbes can go to Oils Plus.   Griffith (May be Caltex) and Cooma need homes.

Attached is the current trailer list with locations and lists of contents for discussion.



Moved. A Pospisil             Seconded P Ryan

It was decided CROIERG would continue to fit existing trailers with pumps before purchasing any new trailers.  To fit the trailers with pump and the additional equipment needed costs $7000 per trailer.  Paul Pulver is to continue with the trailer campaign and will continued to be paid as per this year.  Brisbane and Rockhampton will be the next trailers to be fitted with pumps.

Trailers that are currently stored at Lowes Petroleum need to be moved:

Lowes Griffth to McNabbs Griffith

Lowes Orange to RFT Orange

Lowes Cooma to Kel Campbell Cooma

Lowes Forbes to Oils Plus Forbes

Lowes Newcastle to Hill Tankers Newcastle (temporarily)

Paul Pulver is to speak to Lowes Petroleum about their membership.  Phil Hardaker is also going to speak to Lowes Petroleum in Brisbane.

There are two trailers in transit that we need to decided where to put there.  We ideally need to put one on the Newell Highway.  CROIERG would like to get a trailer to Moree and Gunnedah in the future.



  1. Website Report

The CROIERG website is our main communications platform for the group.  It has been upgraded on a regular basis.

Managing the website ourselves has continued to be a major benefit to CROIERG and saving a significate amount of money.  The website has been receiving high traffic and we are receiving online enquires directly from the website.  Most of these enquires are in regards to training.

This year there was no newsletters sent out, rather focusing our time on the website and social media.  No feedback been received on this but it is something to be discussed further.

Moved. A Pospisil             Seconded.  S Thomas

It was agreed to stop the CROIERG newsletters.  If there is any major incident or something members should be aware of, Jessica Pulver is to send an email alert.

Anthony Pospisil also suggested the we spell out clearer on the website that there is no joining fee unless it is a forced joining.  JP to update website to show this.


  1. Training Program Report

TISC conducts Emergency Response Training on behalf of CROIERG.

TISC had the Responders Course re-accredited for a further 5 years beginning 31 October 2015 and it will expire 30 October 2020 and the Nationally Accredited Course is now titled:

10188NAT   Course in Dangerous Goods Road Transport Emergency Recovery Operations   

2 Responders courses in 2018 and 1 Managers Course with 3 participants

10 Students on 21st – 23rd May Course:  (4-ISS, 2 Bennett’s Petroleum, 2 Metropolitan Fire Brigade and 1 each from Dow Chemicals and Caltex.)

1 Cancellation – Michelle Portlock – ISS Solutions

14 Students on 12th – 14th November Course: (2 Swan Towing, 3 NTI, 3 Hills Tankers, 2 FBT Transwest, 2 Tas Petroleum, 1 each from Tranzliquid Logistics and SRTC.)

1 Cancellations – Samuel Carins – Tas Petroleum

1 Students on the Managers Course 12th November – 14th November 2018

24 – Total number of course participants

4 – Total Number of students from ISS

3 – Total Number of students from NTI

3 – Total Number of students Hills Tankers

2 – Total Number of students Metropolitan Fire Service

2 – Total Number of students Bennett’s Petroleum

2 – Total Number of students Swan Towing

2 – Total Number of students FBT Transwest

2 – Total Number of students Tas Petroleum

7 – 1 each from Dow Chemicals, Caltex, Tranzliquids Logistics and SRTC

185 Holders of BTEIR Cards and original cardholders expire in 2017.

Total Number of Manager Course participants = 199

Total Number of Emergency Responders Course participants = 317

Total Number of Course participants = 516

Responder Course Costs = $2,318 – ($110 FPAA, $300 CROIERG Training Levy + $130 Environmental Levy)

Managers Course = $4,188

Moved. P Pulver               Seconded. P Hardaker

Garth Edwards has put together a Learning Activity to send to people when their emergency responders card is expiring.  This needs to be filled out and send to TISC for scoring.  A new responders card will then be issued.  Another certificate will not be issued – only the card.  Jessica Pulver is to contact AFAC to ensure the Learning Activity is acceptable and the cost involved to issue the new card.  GE said CROIERG is to decide the total cost of the card as TISC is only the training provider.

GE also said the managers course needs to be changed as it is not accredited.  We would be better off having a TERP introduction course.  GE said the wording of the course needs to be updated.  JP asked if we have course dates for next year.  GE said there was not finalised at the stage.  GE to notify JP when course dates are finalised.

JP raised the issue with the lack of communication between TISC and CROIERG.  It took a month for TISC to get in touch with someone who was wanting to join the November course.  JP said she was embarrassed when the student kept contacting her to say there was still no communication.  GE said this was due to staffing changes.  This had been said to JP previous by Ken Brennan however we need to work out a system to have a faster response.




  1. General Business

Peter Blair asked what the requirement of hose testing is.  Is CROEIRG required to test hoses every 6 months.  PB believes it does not need to be done and is going to send through the documentation for this.  We will get copies of this document to put in each trailer.

Moved. P Pulver               Seconded. B Withers



  1. Close

The meeting closed at 2.05pm