Committee Meeting – 30th May 2017



The meeting was declared open at 11.15am by Secretary, Jessica Pulver.



Ken Brennan            Transport Industries Skills Centre (TISC)

Graham Bowyer     Tasco Petroleum

Greg Royston          Viva Energy Australia

Paul Horley              Macinnes Transport

Phil Hardaker          Arthur J Gallagher

Tahni Littlejohn       Transport Industries Skills Centre (TISC)

Jessica Pulver



Paul Pulver               Ron Finemore Transport (Chairman)

Matt Harrison         Kel Campbell

Mark Bartimore      Macinnes Transport

Brian Withers          Ron Finemore Transport


1.     Confirmation of the minutes of the previous committee meeting of CROIERG held on 31st January 2017 via phone hook up.


2.     Ryan Burke from Avcon Projects made a presentation to the Croierg committee.  He firstly discussed the incident at Botany.  He said that as there was foam sprayed over the tanker, it was very slippery and nothing to hold onto.  There was a conversation about safety brackets, climbing robes and harnesses.  The problem with this is it is not a good idea to be harnessed to the trailer in case something happens.


RB also has a new phone app called Remote Objects.  It live streams from incidents back to anyone else who is log onto the app.  Photos can be taken from either end and they are all stored.  The cost is $5000 upfront for a year or $2500 + $250 per month for a year.  This is for unlimited people to use the app.



3.     Training

TISC have only received the training enrolment paperwork back from Toxfree and Fire and Rescue.  DRB Haulage, Inland Petroleum and Ron Finemore Transport expressed interest in the July course however have to come back to TISC.  Jessica Pulver to follow up with these companies. 

JP asked about the Managers Course as last discussion it was decided it was only going to be held on request however it is still being advertised.  The Managers Course will still be held on request.

JP asked Ken Brennan and Tahni Littlejohn about the possibility of someone from Croierg coming to the training to discuss what Croierg do and who is able to use the trailers.  TL said as the course is very busy, it may need to be done over lunch.

KB said that all Croierg training in going to be in the new facility from now on.

Card renewals for the original course members are coming up soon.  KB said as the course has changed over time, there may need to be a one day refresher at TISC and then an online course to renew the cards.

KB also requested new API valves for the rollover trailer as they are leaking.  JP said she would organise but Greg Royston thought he would be able to get some of a new supplier – was left with GR getting the API valves.


4.     CROIERG’s Future

There has been use of a trailer by a non Croierg Member.  The invoice issued to the company has not been paid.  It was stated that Croierg has no control of the trailers and who uses them.  Croierg was set up using an honesty system however times are changing and that is no longer working for us.  The committee has all been asked to think of other ways we get set up Croierg differently in the future.  This will be discussed next committee meeting.


If was decided that we need to have more detailed checks done of all the trailers.  We will employ someone to go around and check all the trailers and do a roadworthy inspection.  We will then look at replacing the most worn trailers with new trailers. This is to be discussed at the next meeting.


5.     Trailer checks

Jessica Pulver reported that trailer check notifications are being sent out every month at the moment.  Most people are going well with checking the trailers however there are still people that she is having to follow up with.


6.     Moving to WA

Paul Pulver and Jessica Pulver had a meeting with Steve Post from Western Australia.  JP had also been speaking to Coogee Chemicals.  Both parties were interested in the possibility of Croierg move trailers to Western Australia.  Paul Horley stated that we needed to sort of the future of Croierg before we expend.  PH also thought the cost would not be viable. 


7.     New trailer quotes

Paul Horley has been getting together quotes for new trailers.  These trailers are fitted with brakes.  The cost of these trailer costs are between $4500 – $6500.  This is a lot less than previous trailers. 


8.     Lowes trailers

As Lowes as no longer members of Croierg, we need to move the trailers they have in their depots.  These trailers are in Griffith, Orange, Forbes and Cooma.

It was agreed that the Griffith trailer will be moved to McNabb’s, Orange to Ron Finemore Transport, Forbes to the council and Cooma to Kel Campbell.


9.     Outstanding members invoices

There are still two members to pay membership for 2017.  These members are Fuel and Gas Haulage and Minitankers.  Greg Royston will contact Minitankers in regards to their outstanding payment.  Jessica Pulver will contact Fuel and Gas Haulage again.


10. Secretarial Role

When Jessica Pulver was first appointed as secretary of Croierg, it was agreed the position would be reviewed after 6 months.  It was agreed that JP would continue in this position.



11. Review of meeting – What needs to be done prior to the next meeting.

         Paul Pulver and Greg Royston are to have a meeting with ISS

         Paul Pulver and Greg Royston are to have a meeting with EPA, Worksafe and NSW Fire Service

         All committee members are to think of ways we can move forward with Croierg in a new direction.


12. Meeting closed at 1.15pm