Trailer Location Trailer Number Trailer Rego
Bansmeadow 17 S28016
Bega 30 W88964
Benalla 8 B88441
Bendigo 11 B12607
Beresfield 37 TA74CH
Bomen 18 C15611
Bordertown 33 Z07047
Brisbane 26 W06343
Canberra 1 90391S
Canberra 2 Z10538
Canberra 3 D96183
Canberra 4 Z10537
Canberra 5 N56644
Canberra 6 N77838
Canberra 10 P96901
Canberra 25 W06344
Cooma 23 C15612
Cootamundra 12 C39045
Dubbo 38 TB75YA
Forbes 22 B88471
Girraween (Sydney) 14 C39046
Goondiwindi 16 Z53359
Goulburn 15 P26606
Griffith 19 Z53357
Gunedah 24 V45908
Lismore 32 Y36159
Mackay 31 Y36158
Melb 29 C19310
Mildura 35 Z56764
Orange 21 Z91722
Port Kembla 27 W06342
Prestons 34 Z25208
Rocky 28 CY4538
Wagga 36 C15613
Wauchope 13 Z77281
Wodonga 9 Z53358
Yass 20 C19309


Trailers by location and region with 24 hour contacts and 3 key contacts
Response to:

  • member needs
  • emergency services / government special requests in emergency situations

Obtaining Access
The following conditions apply to all locations where CROIERG has spill response trailers/equipment

Emergency Services/Government Agencies can access the CROIERG trailers & equipment using the emergency powers that they possess


Host company staff will attend the premises where trailers are stored and provide member access to the CROIERG trailers and/or equipment.

Note: the CROIERG trailers & equipment are NOT available to CROIERG non-members

  • Cost of host company staff time. (Responding member) [USER];
  • The USER should provide a full accountability of all materials used.

Refer Section on Stock Control
The USER Pays.

  • Account will be rendered on basis of lists provided.
  • Reconciliation with Group Stock Lists
  • Terms: Nett 7 Days.
  • Members would respond to own needs using CROIERG Response Spill Trailers / CROIERG Equipment…
  • Member would respond with own staff and towing vehicles.
  • Prior arrangements should be in place if assistance is required from other members and labour costs incurred.
  • Member responsibility for payment of materials used

Equipment usage by non-members is not allowed


CROIERG appreciates the efforts of the host companies who look after our trailers at various locations and provide monthly checks to ensure they are operational